'The very idea that one species could serve as a model for a different species ignores the basic principles of biology'.
Animal Rights Links.
ask not for whom it tolls...
Vivisection Overview >>   Pain for Profit
SAFE Save Animals from Exploitation
NZ's largest animal rights network.
NAVC National Anti Vivisection Campaign
Email: navc@animal-liberation.org.nz
Animal Rights Legal Advocacy Network "Animal Rights Legal Advocacy Network"
Lawyers and law students working to improve the law as it relates to animals.
Auckland Animal Action Auckland Animal Action.
Wellington Animal Action Wellington Animal Action.
Meat Free Media Meat Free Media
Using various media for animal rights.
Hamilton Animal Rights Defence Hamilton Animal Rights Defence.
Animal-Liberation.org News, information and resources on animal liberation in Aotearoa.
Animal Watch Aotearoa (Dunedin)
Email: sarah@animal-liberation.org.nz
Christchurch Animal Action
Email: caa@meatismurder.net
BOP Animal Rights
Email: bopanimalrights@hotmail.com
Reprisal Magazine
Email: reprisal@crazysexycool.com


Links to Additional Informative sites

Cure Disease.com - 50 deadly consequences of lab animal experiments
Research on Chimpanzees - even these results are found to not apply to humans.
Animals needn't Die - A veterinarian's view
Greek & Greek - Husband & wife doctor & vet compare notes.
Physicians for Responsible Medicine - Doctors advocate that vivisection be discontinued.


Links for Alternatives to Vivisection

VivisectionInfo.org - A Look at Modern Scientific Research Methods That Do Not Harm or Kill Animals
Physicians for Responsible Medicine - (Scroll down to find discussion of alternatives)
NEAVS.org - "Better Science", detailed report on alternatives.
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